May 4, 2010

Politics Schmolitics

I was shopping at Hobby Lobby the other day -

let me pause for a moment there and just ask you this: 
do we really need so many knickknacks from China to choose from. . . ?

- when in the front of the line was a person buying out all the red, white and blue items in the store. . . from T-Shirts to mini-mints wrapped in American Flag plastic. . .

for what?

 a rally I guess to elect such and such candidate. . .

but this got me fuming. . . i wasn't really sure why, until i thought about it for a minute. . .

(meaning we the people of the United States of America)
donate our hard earned dollars to politicians to represent us in government. . .

and what do they do with those dollars?


How does this help us to improve our country and represent democracy?

I will still vote. . . but I pray every day that I will not become a cynical citizen.
I have to admit that my bubble is being burst daily!


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