Apr 21, 2010

Russellville, Arkansas Earth Day Celebration

With the help of my friend LaShawn, arts and crafts at Earth Day Festival was a hit! We were encouraged to see so many like minded people from the area - families who recycle together, create together. So this year's project was to decorate boxes in order to collect bottle caps for next year's community art project.

Jeremiah's grandma was pumped to learn of recycled art! This was her first creation. . .  in about 5 minutes. . . just imagine what she could do. . . that tissue paper from Aunt Mimi, the magazine collecting dust on the side table. . .  the shiny box used to hold bubby's shoes for 15 minutes. . .


the cool thing about children's arts and crafts is that you can have fun, ask questions and get them excited about an idea. . . and then leave them to remind the parents of what was discussed at Earth Day. . . like "Mom, where'd that juice lid go? I can have it to put in my box?"
"Dad, do we really have to buy a card for mom on Mother's Day? Couldn't we just make her one instead?"

As you can see as well, this year's Earth Day Festival was held in the best location! Our city park is beautiful! Have you been to the art center lately?


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