Mar 18, 2010

The Pope County Bootleggers

If you are my friend on Facebook you will have noticed (hopefully) all the links regarding the Pope County Bootleggers lately.

The bootleggers were selected to play at SouthbySouthwest this year, an honor that every aspiring musician would be _____ (fill in the blank with the proper emotional response) to achieve. and as far as i know the only pope county band to appear at said festival to date - which this may now just open the floodgates for other local aspiring bands, because unless you live under a rock or something, you know that the river valley is being built on music.

"we built this city!
we built this city!

we built this city on
rock n roll!"

what pioneers!

Man what i wouldn't give to be there Saturday night!

All this talk of the Bootleggers makes me nostalgic about the first few times i ever heard these guys play, as bootleggers and even before that as The Shackrats.

Man those were good times. I would just get lost in dancing while listening to them play, and allow their music to flow in and around my entire body, mind and soul. . . letting loose of all inhibitions and very literally feeling the music inside me. everytime Richard would let loose on one of his incredible guitar solos or Butch, well Butch can play bass like no other! and he makes it look so easy and fun, i would just let the rhythm move me.

sorry for sounding so cliche' but it's true. if you really don't care what people think - or even what you think of yourself for that matter - and you just abandon yourself to the music, you can't help but _____ (again fill the with an action verb) to the music.

The publisher of nightflying said it best:
"musicians and other artists are, essentially, the conduits through which God speaks to regular people"

if your open to that. . . wow!
that's pure fun right there!

I have to admit that i was completely heartbroken when the Shackrats split up, at that time they were my all time favorite live band. So needless to say, i was equally ecstatic when i caught wind of the fact that the Bootleggers were forming around Richard and Butch. then when they added Phil back to the line up and now Barry with his incredible skills. . .

well, i'll just tell you that my new favorite - extending that love i felt for the shackrats - are the. . .  


Even now, everytime I hear the bootleggers play, they seem to sound tighter, more powerful, cleaner and down right BADASS! Just down right BETTER and BETTER! this is their occupation and well. . . they deserve a raise dammit!

you should check them out for yourself if you have yet to hear them live.

Represent Bootleggers! Represent!


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right on momma!

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