Feb 22, 2010

PACE - Parents in Arkansas for Children's Education

I just received a contact from Dawn at the Center for Education Reform (which is so cool , i don't think i'll be able to describe here in typing land just how cool that really is, but maybe if you just try to think about how excited i get when little babysteps in the right direction are taken. ..  yeah. . .pretty darn excited!!!)

The contact was for an organization of concerned parents in Arkansas. Judging by the mission statement, i might just have found my people! PACE - Parents in Arkansas for Children's Education check em out here.

The Mission Of PACE
is to ensure all Arkansan children have a quality education and to empower parents to improve and choose the education for their child by providing information, understanding, and a voice in the larger education system in Arkansas.
We'll see when they email me back with some more information. But if you look around their site, you will see some of the same articles that i have referenced and in particular their blog about the Race to the Top and the omission of the removal of the cap in our legislation.

Speaking of legislation, i just recently wrote our State Representative Lea and State Senator Lamoureux, as well as Governer Beebe about the importance of . . .  well, read it here and if you need to use. . . use it:
Janna Ritchie
1234 NE34th St
Russellville, AR 12345

The Honorable Mike D. Beebe
Governor of Arkansas
State Capitol, Room 250
Little Rock, AR 72201

Re: Help Make Arkansas' Charter School Law Stronger!

Dear Governor Beebe:

As a concerned parent and active part of our community, I am vitally interested in the state of our schools and the education of our children. As a leader in our community, you play a critical role in the direction our schools will take over the next few years.

I ask that you consider supporting ideas to expand charter schools, enhance school choice options, and create policies that allow parents to make the best decisions for their children.

Recent concerns about low student achievement and deteriorating schools at the local, state and national levels have strengthened the cry for re evaluation and reform. In addition to all of the positive work that has been done toward improving education in Arkansas, please consider supporting legislation that promotes the advancement of choice in education. Parents who care enough to find the very best educational situation for their child deserve choice.

I look forward to following your vote on education issues in the future. Thank you for your time and interest in our schools and in the education of our children.


Janna Ritchie

And i will leave you with that thought and see how long it will take you to copy and paste these letters into your email message - be sure to change the contact info for each Rep - want to look professional you know. . . they like that sort of thing!


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