Jan 7, 2010

Right Place. Right Time.

have you heard of the "race to the top"?

well its an initiative from the white house to improve the education system. . . . with one major difference from past initiatives. . . .

there is a ton of money involved!

and it's not existing monies. . .
it's new and its competitive and and and
i really need more information about it
who is eligible to receive these monies and why is arkansas not in the race?

The information that i have been finding is just a piece of the whole puzzle and is proving to be a little disheartening. . . i say a little because i do always try to find the bright side to life. . . but it appears that the State of Arkansas and the education department are not as pumped about this initiative as i am.

we live in one of the nine states that puts a cap on charter school creation (actually imposing more obstacles than most states) instead of lifting the cap and allowing more schools to be created.

but from what Steve Straessle, principal for the Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys has to say. . . I have hope and a ton of determination:

"for adversity provides great opportunity. it can reveal leaders - and create them."

get your hands on a copy of Monday's ArkDemGaz's editiorial section. Read the article titled "Race to the Bottom: Arkansas' attitude toward billions disturbs" and let me know what you think.

if there is money out there, a government that rewards innovation and parents who are crying out for change. . .

why can't we get what we want?

remember this:



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