Dec 4, 2009

She's Crafty

so Cass, my super cool friend and future owner of the Kool Kats' 4 Dog Bakery, has been making these delicious treats (i mean i guess they're delicious - the dogs seem to love 'em).  I think to date she's made about 243,896 and given them away. At the Azzore Grand Opening Party on Parkway, for Cheree's Clicker Training Demonstration during Canine Capers at the 18th Annual Downtown Fall Festival and Chili Cookoff (whew! that's a mouthful - but that is the official name and i do love being official!) and for gifts to friends with twins and 3 dogs. . . .

But now, she's trying out her entrepreneurial skills. For the past month she has been baking and selling treats at the Saturday Farmer's Market. Well, this Friday (actually tonight) is the Holiday Open House and 1st Friday Downtown Art Walk (again a super long name, but they're trying!).

- for those who don't know, the Art Walk is an opportunity for local artists to show and potentially sell their stuff. The RDA (Russellville Downtown Association) extends their business hours to host the artists and welcome the public in to mingle, browse (buy stuff!) and enjoy drinks and hor d'ourves. Beginning at 5:00 and lasting till 8:00, everyone is invited to stop in!

So, the winter Art Walk is s-p-e-c-i-a-l for several reasons
  1. The Christmas Tree lighting has already happened at Depot Park (each tree is sponsored by a youth organization. . .  i believe - if you know more about this please leave a comment and fill us all in)
  2. The air is crisp, most folks are full of cheer and its CHRISTMAS TIME!!!
  3. The Christmas Farmer's Market !!! which is the most important reason of all - for me at least because this is when the rubber hits the road, no more talking just doing, put your money where your mouth is. . . .
I've created some dog toys to
compliment Cass's doggie treats!

Now the toys are cute and HANDMADE, however Dr. Dew says that one of my toys has a bad case of Osteochronditis Disseccans (notice the flap of cartilage on the end of the bone), but that's easily fixable and after that surgery to repair it he fully approves of my venture!

So come on downtown - meander, take your time, but come see us at the Depot - we'll be set up by Farmer Larry and Farmer Diane - who happens to make baby slings - a MUST for ALL mothers - and they are super affordable!

Note: we're still looking to raise money for the MDA - bring your checkbooks!


Janna Ritchie said...

why do people not come hang out at the market? the only way to become like fayetteville ( or little rock ( is to add PEOPLE!

Cass said...

I am working on getting my Etsy site up and running. Today is my Friday and then the vacation mayhem begins. I will be baking more treats and who know what else will be happening as far as my crafting. I am still waiting to purchase my sewing machine. I have grand plans for that too. Thanks for all the advertising. The treats are a Poppa Wheelies too.

Janna Ritchie said...

Poppa Wheelies can be found on South Arkansas (Highway 7) next to Kob Jai the thai/laotian restaurant near 4th street - or look for the big yellow dollar general sign.

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