Dec 28, 2009

News from Sunday: Education and Book Clubs - 2 of my favorite things

thanks to a friend of mine i was able to sip coffee and catch up on the my newspaper reading .. . . which unfortunately is not as disciplined as it once was. . . but it's nearly time for new resolutions and i might just have to add that one to the list. . . but as usual, i digress. . .

Of note in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette from Sunday was the perspective titled: "Three Ideas to make Arkansas public schools the best". It was a cooperative writing from the Bentonville Public Schools Superintendent and some really swanky guy with a title too long to even comprehend let alone type from UALR. Basically they were pleading with Tom Kimbrell the Arkansas Commissioner of Education to make efforts to incorporate the following 3 ideas into the policies for public schools:
  1. Allow for quicker alternative certification of qualified teachers to attract better teachers
  2. Less red tape - less meaningless reports filed for every thing from the amount of times a pencil is sharpened in class to the amount of time spent on the administrators computer
  3. Focusing on what becomes of the special ed students
I thought Mr. Gary Compton and Mr. Robert Maranto made good points, especially when they off handedly mentioned "unregulated" charter schools and "traditional" public schools - TO ME, THIS LEAVES THE DOOR WIDE OPEN FOR A NEW TYPE OF SCHOOL SYSTEM - some sort of option school with a very specific focus. . . the more the merrier (but i'll leave that rambling for another post)

The entire perspectives page in the ARKDEMGAZ is worth checking out, in fact, another great little diddy about how to form a book club caught my eye. See, for the past 2 years. . . yes it's been 2 years now. . . already. . .  an eclectic group of women have been getting together to discuss books, eat wonderful hors d'ouvres and drink wine. . .  only we have yet to find our rhythm.  Robyn Blumner may have the keys that we need. Her 5 rules of starting a book club will come in handy for us as we embark on another year of reading.



Janna Ritchie said...

so this post really got me thinking! in monday's Ark Dem Gaz, there was the smallest blurp about Education and Charter Schools and how Arkansas received a 'D' on some report from the Center for Education Reform (

This site definitely tickled my fancy:

the creater/founder really sounds like someone i'd like to meet with regularly:

"The center, which Ms. Allen embodies, doesn't just promote school choice—it agitates for it. It's as quick to point out the faults of public schools as it is to sell the idea of charters and vouchers. Ms. Allen calls the crusade "discontenting the contented" — essentially waking people up to the notion that public education, in her opinion, isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Let's get this thing rolling!

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