Dec 10, 2009

and the next project is. . . .

oh what fun it was to ride in the police van yesterday, hey!

Had a blast with Cass and Kelly in lock up yesterday, and after reassessing the reality of the situation (thanks Pam) - what with Christmas and a short time line and all, my reconfigured goal of $500 was met. This will fund vital medical equipment repairs for one MDA client for one year. (there are 10 more clients in the area that will be helped out with the contributions from other funraisers - thank goodness!)

NEXT YEAR we get the wheelchair. . . . right?

But now I'm wondering what to do with myself. I've made the dog bones, the videos, the phone calls, the house is clean, the gifts are bought, the books are being read and there was even some time for chick flick. . . now what? any ideas or suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Yep... write some articles. ;o)

Janna Ritchie said...

Yes. I will be working on those for sure! Thanks for the reminder.

Of note, i just received the MDA newsletter about the Lock Up. . . and with the help of all my donors I was one of the top 3 fundraisers in the city! YEA!!

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