Nov 17, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job Reason #615

Muscular Dystrophy fundraising, luckily i don't have to do this all the time, but let me tell you, when you get a phone call at work saying you've been chosen because of your big heart and love for the community. . . . you'd say yes too!

so here i am getting ready to be locked up and i'm told they won't let you out until you've reached bail. . .and i say you because that's who i'm relying on and now the reality of the situation is hitting me hard.

how can i get people to give $$$ to a cause they really don't care about?

11 people have been diagnosed with MD in our area, a few months ago the Tech coaches, and many other college coaches, worked together to raise funds and awareness for the Duchenne MD cause. . . this appealed to football fans. . . it was in there face, but how many people really ever feel like calling into Jerry's telethon to help his kids. . . .?

every little bit helps because these individuals who live life in a wheelchair (a chair that can cost upwards of $19,000) need round the clock care. but if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting a physically handicapped individual you'll know that they have the best temperaments and sweetest dispositions. . .by and large. . . ever (could we say the same for ourselves if the roles were reversed?)

In this season of giving. . . can you contribute to the MDA and get me out of lock up . . . for say $50?. . . $30? . . . . $20? . . . . $10? . . . . $5?



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