Nov 9, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job Reason #492

Attention! Attention!
The Pope County Arts and Crafts Fair is currently seeking fresh, young crafters of all ages
. . . preferrably under 35. . .
to bring the fair to LIFE.

don't get me wrong, there were some incredible artisans that converged on the city this weekend but there is a definite need for some fresh faces out there. . . RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR. . .. just one of the many that i know of. . . . that i am waiting for the day to attend because it seems far larger than any other that i've had the priviledge to attend from Lexington KY to Munich Germany. . . . amazing things out there. .. . and if you've never even been on a plane before - don't worry, this too will be coming soon to the area! just you wait and see!
  . . . and new ideas for the old crafts!!!! this is not a dying art people. check this out if you don't believe me. . ..

heck, if you know me, you know i've been talking about getting a woman's cooperative ______ (word?) going FOR YEARS. . . .

and since going to the 2nd Annual Gathering Sale for Eternal Threads at West Side Church of Christ's Family Center (yes. .. . that was a mouthful!). . . .it makes me want to get my ladies together even more!

i know women who live in abject poverty, who are escaping the horrors of "life". . . . abuse, neglect, heck i'm sure there are a few ex prostitutes here in our own city. . .. but i went because

  1. FAIR TRADE appeals to me,

  2. i started this dang blog about the goings on in Russellville. . . that interest me. . .. and

  3. i am trying to teach my girls about being conscientious purchasers versus just being consumers.

(did i tell you i love a good challenge?)

anyway, the items that were for sale were emaculate! with no trace of imperfection. . . . odd? i think so! however the workers assured me that 100% of the money went to the women in need. . . check out the Eternal Threads website here.

All i know is that when things were bought at the Pope Co. Crafts Fair. . .100% (minus the booth fee) went directly to someone in the immediate area. . . .i'd love to have pictures of the items because there truly was something for everyone there .. . in fact you can go see for yourself at

Christmas Craft Show
first weekend of December
Hughes Center
or Ughes Center as it was commonly referred to during this wknd's fair.

and speaking of current events in Russellville . . .

presenting photos from his latest Adventure. . . .

the Canadian Wilderness


(on the way to the nuc plant).
$10 will get you:
the incredible slide show presentation of his last 11 yrs as a photographer,
a chance to hear goofy TBOYD tell his tales first hand,
snacks and drinks. . .

a kick a$$ time is a given. . . .
for more info. . . . click here.

Due to copy right infringement prevention, we were unable to take any photos, however photos that would have been taken, had it been deemed appropriate, would have been courtesy of Cheree Miller. By the way, speaking of Christmas crafts. . .which makes me think Christmas presents. . . and then mentioning Cheree. . . if you are thinking about getting a pet for a loved one get in touch with Cheree she runs the Mill Creek Animal Rescue. . . .
and i'd sign up for a booth with some friends if i knew there were people out there with large, or abnormally shaped heads, but until then i'll keep my job with Dr. Dew at Azzore!


Janna Ritchie said...

just wondering if this feature worked

Sarah Nichols said...

Can you teach me to make these lovely hats? I want to be more like you. So passionate. I wish I could go to see the tboyd pictures tonight, but I have to meet up with my gal pal who's going through some tough times, maybe i'll get her to come though. Anyways I love you and you missed a great debate, well and entertaing one. I'll fill you in asap. Love.

La Shawn said...

I will be one representing the 35 and older artisans in the fair. I could probably use one of cone hats too.

Janna Ritchie said...

Sarah, i would love to teach you. . . the doors always open. i have the supplies, bring a friend and some of your favorites snacks and we will make us some hats!

Go LaShawn! odd shape heads unite!

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