Nov 10, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job Reason #333

2. . .count them 2 political events in one day, whew! no wonder i went to bed at 9:00!Congressman Boozeman, with his trusty sidekick Tim Riley, was chockfull of great info about:

The first event, "Grants" from the office of  Congressman Boozeman

  • where to go to find grants, HERE and here and here and here (not an extensive list)

  • what the requirements are (as far as seeking grants, not grant specifics), and

  • how support letters. . .which can be generated by their office. . . pay off. - letters of support can also be written from state representatives or local officials depending on the scope of the project.
    Not really having very much to ask other than "why am i here?", i just listened. . .

    yep, i know that doesn't sound like me.

anyway, half way through the lecture and ultra boring slideshow. . .

you know, the kind where the audience gets done reading the slides way before the presenter does but no new info is added- spare me, just give me the handout, your card (oh, you left them at the office. . . NICE!) - at which point the Blackberry then goes off in his pocket, turning this into the most uncomfortable professional venture i've been to in a long time! and that brings me to this point. . . who says it's the younger generation that has the "problem"? about 1/3 of all attendees either had their phones in hand, some were even using them, or at arms reach . . . just in case. WHAT? but that's okay, not only did i just become a member of the smartphone society. . . i too live through a set of double standards. i can forgive this one.)

the point is this:

Mr Riley, honorable representative of the honorable, yet missing, Congressman, geared his lecture towards Rural Development

. . . which means populations less than 20,000. . .

AHEM, i had to scratch my head on that!

what do you mean LR beat out RSVL in the need factor for the Rent-aCop grant program?

and the Cliffty community got the much needed community building due to town support?

yes, we get our grant monies and our improvement budgets but by and large we do not fit into either category, rural or urban. so this made me think. . . .
what about rurban? and i did a little digging:

Main Entry: rur·ban
Pronunciation: \ˈrər-bən \
Function: adjective
Etymology: blend of rural and urban
Date: 1918
: of, relating to, or constituting an area which is chiefly residential but where some farming is carried on

darn, i found something, i really thought i had coined a new term, but since i hadn't. . . and the fact that it has been around almost 100 years proves my point even more. . .we need a better solution to this GAP

. . . getting rid of the gap is not an option. . . .

however, addressing it is. . . .

which leads me to political event #2 two of the day:

Debate - State Senate Candidates
Michael Lamoureux, Tachany Evans, John Burnett
First Assembly of God, auditorium
November 9, 7:00

you'll have to excuse me because although i was extremely excited about this event, my 1 yr old daughter was not. . . i'm still waiting for the 2nd half notes

but anyway. . . .

ML pointed out that the areas in the state that receive the most attention and aid, via funding through grants and budgets and such, all have a "gimmick". . . okay, he didn't say gimmick. . . but he wanted to!

think about it - Little Rock, Northwest Arkansas, the Delta - they have found and fulfilled their so called niche. . . .
the River Valley. . . . we seem to be getting overlooked on necessary programs and budget appropriations due to lack of focused, clearly defined purpose. . .

what are our needs? what are our strengths? what needs fixing? and what is working for us?

or, for the love of the word. . . what is our "gimmick"?

what can we do about this?

i'm doing my part at Azzore. . . . with my job in Public Relations - making Russellville look appealing to the out of town clients. . . which 90% of our clients are.

when i tell the locals about this. . . i usually receive a shrug and a cynical "good-luck with that". . . or "huh, how can you do that?" or what's worse. . . i get no response.


Are you going to continue to belittle the town/city or will you do your part to pick it up by its bootstraps?


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