Nov 5, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job Reason #241

3rd November 2009
Get in the Game: Entrepreneurial Expo, Verizon (Alltel) Arena, North Little Rock, AR -

{as an aside, was there $$$ figured into that merger for signage changes?. . . that must have created a few jobs}

anyway. . . good times, lots of speakers, workshops, exhibitors. . . etc. etc. . . . i'm glad that i went with a goal in mind! and i guess in the back of my mind i was wanting affirmation about striking it rich as an entrepreneur. . . you know going out on my own, into business for myself. . . being my own boss, with my own hours, bringing in the big bucks. . . .


. . . and, and and, (are entrepreneurs born or trained? not to say that you can't have good ideas, and see those ideas through - this is an assumption, i am guessing that there are people out there who follow through on ideas. . .right????!!!!!!!!!! please tell me there are. . .there have to be. I'm putting my faith in the YES for now.)

. . . breathe. . . .

***Note: ***
This will be a common occurrence and if you can't keep up,
or you feel that i never really returned from that which i disgresssed to. . .let me know, i would be glad to continue the discourse

. . . .clear throat. . . breathe and continue. . .

there i was at the expo with about 900 other aspiring entrepreneurs. . . or maybe they came for the food. . . anyway, part of my mission was to find the SCORE guys.

(don't let their website disturb you, they are a free business counseling service from experienced businessmen and women, and since they are volunteers, they probably didn't feel like making it fancy for nothing. . . ever feel like that? - and momentarily there are no SCORE Counselors in Russellville, until my boss Dr. Terry Dew (heeellooo!), becomes a volunteer. . .he's a wealth of information there!!! and local, which is in keeping with the times, but for now, you can talk to someone over the phone or if you are in the LR or Fayetteville area you could probably meet up with one of the counselors.)

I knew them when i found them. 3 OLD whitehairs, looking very wise, yet nonetheless, intimidating! (and if memory serves correctly wearing three piece suits . . .) were staring at me. but i was on a mission, and no amount of _____ (whats the word???) would get in my way.

I approached the booth with a big smile, one that would have made Paul Vitale proud, and asked as enthusiastically as possible. . .

"is this the place to find a business mentor?"

..........yes, LaShawn, that was a pin dropping.........

not one for taking "NO" for an answer, I reworded the question and spoke louder. . .that must have done the trick because the middle. and most intimidating, fellow gave the SCORE spiel about helping counsel entrepreneurs through their combined 583 years experience - and that was just for the 3 of them standing there - in business. (website stuff - boring - i needed more. . . )
so, the questions started flowing: who were they, what experience did they have, were they retired - surprisingly NOT. . .WHAT???!!! - and if they were all entrepreneurs themselves. GULP - no.

. . . .but they have lots of work experience and and there are a few entrepreneurs in the counsel and and and OKAY, YES, but . . .

So then i came at them with both barrells loaded. popping off idea after idea, explaining niches, needs, promotional campaigns, resources available in my community. Giving them the absolute best of the best, all that i had in my arsenal. . .

and they would say: "yeah, but how can you make a profit"

me: "well, blah blah blah"

them: "yeah, but what about the bottom line?"

"well, such and such" ***the ideas have been edited out so that someone (one of those aforementioned followthroughers) will not all of sudden get a BRIGHT IDEA and decide to take action. . . without me. . . .with me is a hol' 'nother ballgame!****

"You have GREAT ideas. . ."

"Why thank you. . . ." (pat pat)

"BUT you need to choose one and then figure out how you can draw customers, keep customers, clients, money, lenders yadayadayada $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"


so then i go into my
"well, actually,
Dr. Dew, you may know him,
he's the only board certified small animal surgeon
in the entire state,
and as a result our clients travel from out of town to see him. . .
then they are in Russellville. . ..
thats where i come in, PUBLIC RELATIONS. . . "

got the hint, keeping my day job. thanks guys. let me know what i can do for you. . .oh get Russellville volunteers . . .no problem. . . hehehe (that's nervous sounding you know). . . .come on Dr. Dew!!!! and maybe Dick Goodman. . . he seems like a cool guy, anyone know how to get ahold of him. . .and where're the ladies at?

i then moved on to the next group on my "hope to see" list -
The Procurement office

. . . but they were stuffing their faces with some of the best BBQ ever!!!
(but who provided that????HELLO??!!)


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