Oct 5, 2011

10 months later. . .

and i've been rethinking the rethink. we had a little hiatus due to some conflicting opinions on the reason behind the mock oil spill clean up last year and well. . . i let it take the wind right out of my sails.

but, alas, i cannot stay away. too much is going on.

music, art, culture.


restructuring history

and now. . . Leadership Russellville.

stay tuned to see how this next chapter develops.

for those of you not in the know. . . Leadership Russellville is:
and i quote ". . . an annual program of the Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce designed to identify, educate and motivate potential leaders to become involved in the future of our community. It is aimed at developing a pool of well-informed and well-motivated men and women qualified to assume present and future leadership roles in the Russellville area."

wow. pretty cool.

why do we need L.R. you ask?
well, and again i quote " the russellville are is one of the major growth areas of Arkansas. New growth - both in terms of population and economy - means new problems, major new solutions to these problems and demands the involvement of informed and caring citizens. LEADERSHIP RUSSELLVILLE will offer informative learning opportunities in an atmosphere that stimulates (not quoting here. . . but hey, who doesn't like a little stimulation every now and again??? end of not quoting and back to quoting) participants to use both new and proven tools to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow."

vague? maybe. . . but at least it leaves it open to interpretation and creativity. . . i hope!

so what is this leadership rsvl program anyway?
again with the quoting, but why reinvent the wheel when the chamber has so diligently written this (and thought it through) already. . . really. . .not plagarizing when i say i'm quoting their application packet, right? anyway, "the program consists of approximately fourteen sessions that include a kick-off retreat and orientation beginning in October 2011 (or later if you find this in the future. . . whoah). Sessions start in October and end in June. Included are programs on government, education, quality of life, healthcare, industrial development, non-profit agencies, team-building and leadership training." phew. that's a lot.

who can apply?
pretty much anyone. except if your running for office. oh yeah, and anyone who can pay the application fee. thank you Azzore!

Dec 17, 2010

Hello to my new reader. . . .

Thank you for visiting my blog friend. 


i'm actually not as embarrassed as i thought i would be.

in fact, it's pretty damn good if i do say so myself.

*patting my (own) back*

be sure to read about the Pope County Arts and Crafts fair.
(also note that the age range on that post is negotiable hahaha)

p.s. check out my blogroll and go look into PlasticMagic with Filthy Phil
he's got that record collection i was telling you about.

Aug 12, 2010

Rethinking the Rethink. . . .

So it's been nearly 3 months. . . I have been out swimming with the Sharks but this place is always in the back of mind. In fact, when I would miss it too much, I returned and reread through these posts. . . 

what i found was somewhat perplexing. . . since when did I become so "political"? when did my enthusiasm get skewed into negativity? thanks for bearing with me through this. these ramblings might have been me trying to find my "angle". . . or "voice" in the blogosphere. . .

. . . either way, i hope that the heart of the matter came through. . . THINKING, wondering aloud at the everyday occurances that pass without much thought.

when i think of russellville, i feel. i feel hope. i feel disappointment. i feel excited. i feel angry. i feel energized. i feel apathetic. regardless of the feeling. . . the fact is I FEEL. do you feel? do you feel the energy bubbling under the surface?

when i feel russellville, i think. i think of what we have. i think of what we don't have. i think of who i know. and i think of who i know that (whom?) have moved on. and then i think of those who have moved on and returned. then i think of those that i would love to return. but again, i think. of people.

which leads me to think of places for interaction. . .  and it is here that i get stumped.

tired of running into people at the grocery store? where else could we rendevous?

Jun 9, 2010

A question about Race and Ethnicity. . .

I think i'm going to start marking "other" on all surveys from here on out. Then if they give me an option to describe "other", I will simply write: American

would that simplify life?

check the one that applies:
____ american  _____ non-american

May 12, 2010

Burris Memorial Plaza - home of the Mock Oil Spill Clean-Up

At the main intersection in Russellville. . . a group of demonstrators
staged a Mock Oil Spill. . . .

Then proceeded to clean it up. . . .

We received many honks. . .
especially from the Oil trucks driving by
. . . and smiles

All in all is was a pretty fun experience!